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D-Town Music Group is an independent record label based in Dallas, TX. Our aim is to support and promote emerging and established artists across the USA; releasing music, organizing tours and securing press coverage for the acts signed to the label.

 After more than fifteen years’ working as a professional independent musician, Director and founder of D-Town Music Group Nate Edwards and Darryl Ethley  has developed the contacts and experience necessary to propel this label and it’s artists to success. D-Town Music Group will create strong brand recognition within the USA music and worldwide scene.

New Release: “FAMILY” By: “Nate Sitawi” featuring “Macahl Jett”

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About Us:

EIEG/D-Town Music Group also called DMG is an American independent record label established in 2004 and was distributed through Bungalo Records/Universal Music Group Distribution and based out of Dallas, TX. The CEO Nate Edwards, a native of Cincinnati, OH.

CEO and founder Mr. Nate Edwards, Mr. Darryl Ethley, and Mr. Steven Franklin a.k.a. “Leftfield” is responsible for the management and strategic direction of the company. Under this leadership, DMG has experienced tremendous growth from its startup in building the strategic alliances and partnerships with such notables as Marian Records, Sony BMG Distribution, CEO Paul Ring Bungalo Records, Universal Music Group Distribution’ CEO Chris Lighty of Violator (Records), and Cintron Beverage Group Cintron Energy Drink Enhancer to ensure success. These alliances and partnerships consist of critical musical and digital components as well as major distribution channels. It is through these partnerships that the company has been positioned to be a music industry leader in the independent label arena.

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Please Find A Track And Share It, We have Rock, Blues, R&B, and Old School R&B, HipHop and Rap!!


  • Music Distribution,
  • Music Magazines,
  • Podcast,
  • Live Streamlining and more.

Our CEO Nate Edwards Sitawi

Music is a feeling that is translated in sound and has the ability to take you back to the past where you can literally recall or even smell the atmosphere of that moment or recall a magical moment of meeting a person for the first time that you really connect with or create a feeling that helps heal pain and suffering.

An organizational goal-management solution ensures that individual employee goals and objectives align with the vision and strategic goals of the entire organization.

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