True Love

CHILD PRODIGY: Singer, Writer, Composer and Musician (Piano) and he’s only 16!!
Angelo New Hit Song: “TRUE LOVE
Young Teenage Singing Sensation Angelo aka “ANGX10” From Cincinnati, Ohio now living in Dallas, Texas. Angelo is honing his skills as a artist and music producer, this video and song was produced and directed by him. He’s only 16 but his skill level and thought process is beyond his years on earth. Now with D-Town Music Group aka “D-Town Records and EIEG Publishing!

Angelo was born to entertain growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio and he’s been around some of the best in the music industry where a few made the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, like William “Bootsy” Collins. At the age of three Angelo was dancing and singing Michael Jackson songs, so it’s in his DNA.

Knowing that you can’t force a kid in this business, his dad Marvin Wyche did not want to push Angelo into music. Marvin is a musician (Guitar, Bass) and a song writer that spent many years on the road and in the studio helping to create some of the top hits of the 80’s. It’s tough and you have to want it and yes Angelo wants it.  With so much raw talent this kid will definitely be a super talent.

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