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Texas Recording Artist: Nate Sitawi Genre: Pop, R&B, Soul…
– – Production by Nate Edwards with D-Town Music Group, and Shawn (Micheals) George with Circle Music Group.

For NATE SITAWI, there are no limitations when it comes to breaking new ground. Known as a Guitarist, Songwriter, Producer, and Record Executive, SITAWI recently dropped “MIRAMAR NIGHTS” featuring vocalist “Macahl Jett” on the first single and this second single “Sitawi Trapped In A World” Featuring: Vocalist Shawn (Micheals) George and Vocalist Macahl Jett will hit your heart, I don’t know about you but it had me and my team in tears because it’s straight from the heart regardless of your situation you can relate to this song. EP “nSituations”, slated for release (2020).

This project is an extra special milestone for SITAWI the songs are based around the situations stowed upon him over the last few years. He lost one of his sons to a tragic car accident a few years ago and he is reflecting his feelings about gaining and losing a dad.

This is his first release via his own independent label, D-Town Music Group founded in 2004. The title track for EP n’Situations is “SITAWI I’m Trapped In A World” because SITAWI feels he is trapped in a world with no choice, because his birth was not his choice so living through the pain and heartbreak over the last few years he just trying to break lose and move forward and his music is his outlet to get through it all.

The debut single for “nSituations” is “Miramar Nights” and it was the last song he played for his son seven day before the car accident. The song “Miramar Nights” has been a surprise since its release in pre-promotions December 28th of 2019 and has allowed fans to salivate on an exciting up-tempo song with over 30 thousand plays within the first month, while he finalizes what promises to be his most adventurous project to date.

The EP “nSituations” will feature an estimated 6 original songs plus some interludes and urban remixes with co- production by SITAWI, and Shawn (Micheals) George. Shawn (Micheals) George is an American music producer, singer, songwriter, and he has worked with major artists such as (Kim Burrell), (James Fortune) (Chris Walker), and (Carl Thomas) just to name a few. …

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