Keingz Ransom

Keingz Ransom aka “KR”

R&B And HipHop

  • Rodney “Tinman” Miller: Lead Vocals
  • Cedric “Fontaine” Hughes: Lead Vocals
  • Kewaithian “Kew” Freeman: Vocals
  • Broderick “Brick” Smith: Vocals

Emerging to the Soul and R&B scene to reign supreme is Keingz Ransom “KR”.
The male quartet is bringing back the soulful R&B, Soul male crooning that the
music industry has not heard since the days of Jodeci, Boyz II Men, when men
could tell a story of love, lust, heartbreak while intricately laced with the hottest,
street-inspired beats.

KR is extremely talented and is filling a void in music that has been missing
for some time.” Leonard Hayvrard, Voice Coach at Alpha Omega Enterfa/nmenf

Sanction Record Company“\ look forward to seeing the group on a national music
award’s show in the near future.

They certainly have what it takes to be in this industry for a long time.”

Al Gibbs, Owner of Alpha Omega Entertainment Sanction Record Company

KR is a breath of fresh air in an era of studio enhanced vocals. These broth-
ers take you back to the days of Boys 2 Men, when singers could actually sing.
Laterras R. Whitfield, National Playwright/Director/Producer 

Keingz Ransom’s morning radio spot is the best vocal radio spot that we
have,“June Bug, KKDA 104.5FM Radio Personality 

KR’s rendition of the National Anthem at the State Fair Classic was one of
the highlights of the evening.Skip Cheatham, KKDA 104.5FM Radio Personality 

Keingz Ransom on stage performance and vocal skills are second to none.
DJ Big Bink, On-Air DJ/ Music Director of 97.9 The Beat “Radio One Dallas, Tx 

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